Post covid all of the institutions shifted to online education. Having thousands of recorded lectures videos at the end of the semester made it difficult for students to be productive. To tackle this issue HelloEdu is a tool to skip through various videos based on its content. HelloEdu is a fast and powerful application that reduces a long, archived video into a short, manageable summary. It also helps you to skip the video to the desired point in time for a better educational experience.

What it does

  • HelloEdu basically processes videos for the important topics and generates timestamps for the same. Thus saving time for a student who has to search through hundreds of materials by producing exact results of the topic they wants to look at.
  • Summarize items from Blogs, Podcasts, Lectures and other educational material.
  • High accuracy AI generated summaries.
  • Skip over unwanted content to parts that you want to!
  • Download Transcript and Summary for future reference

How we built it

  • React(Javascript) as a frontend framework
  • Styled Components and Bulma for styling
  • Flask(Python) for backend server
  • MongoDB for storage
  • Docker + Google Cloud Run for deployment
  • Google's Speech to Text API for transcription

Challenges we ran into

  • Processing failure on Heroku

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made something that students like us can use daily to increase their productivity.
  • Solved a real-world challenge
  • Learned various new tech stacks
  • Had fun while building

What we learned

New technologies and time management.

What's next for HelloEdu

  • Fix deployment issues, improve UI and more features
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