Problem Statement :

Many people find its difficult to connect with doctors, view medical reports on go and doctors finds its difficult to manage their appointments and consult patients.

Scope :

Health care is a fast growing sector and more than 83% of health care organizations are using cloud based solutions. Our App is targeting health care related organizations(multiple branches).

App Features :

Patients and Doctors of the organization can use the below features:

For patients, 
    1) Instant appointment registration by locating the near by doctors, branches and availability of doctors.
    2) Soft copy of medical reports on go.

For Doctors
    1) Manage appointments by accepting/Declining.
    2) Check patient medical history.
    3) Provide consultation.

Current Technical Details:

1) Locating near by doctors, branches implemented using Google Maps 2) Instant Appointment registration, provide consultation implemented using standard page and navigation to the page using Publisher action. 3) Doctor availability, approve/decline appointments implemented by using visualforce pages and approve/decline also use standard approval process. 4) Internally Appointments are connected to events of doctors to manage appointments. 5) Medical Reports.

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