When I saw the Dolby logo at the Devpost hackathon, it made me curious to go deep down and find more about this. Then I wanted to do a project on that to get some hands-on experiences. So I started learning related stuff from the website. Then I felt I should make use of what I learned so far and develop something which is useful for anyone even with no development skills. So here it is. Initially I did background research and noticed that conference applications are very costly. And also most of them contain issues in terms of sound quality and are limited to a given number of users. So I need to come up with a solution for this which would be able to facilitate their own conference application for any user even if they lack of development skills using a minimum number of steps.

What it does

This web based application supports users to generate Dolby enabled conference applications by following a few steps within a minimum time period. Simply with this application, users can get their source project as a downloadable zip file. And more importantly, by using a few commands users can make their generated projects up and running without being worried about source code configurations and development skills.

How we built it

First, what I did was deciding the technologies that I will be using, with reference to what I need to build. So then I came to the conclusion of creating a simple Conference application using SDKs. Then I started building the project. Next created an Angular application and, after that built the Node.js backend. Then I created a sample prototype template to generate the project using it. Finally, I test and deploy the application on Netlify.

Challenges we ran into

Initially I didn't have any idea about how to use SDKs. Because it's my first time. So I had to do complete study by referring to the documentation and then create a simple application using SDK.

After That i needed to create a conference app template to generate a new project for users and there I was in doubt about how to inject users values for that. But finally I hope I did my best and come out with all the problems I ran into. Next my biggest challenge was to come up with modern conference app UI design. But as a result of number research i think I built the best UI for HelloApp application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to achieve my primary goal of this project which is facilitating an easiest path for new users who had to look at a lot of references to build up their first conference application. So with this application which is based on a very simple user interface and minimal number of steps, I think I reached my goal as users can quickly build their very first conference application using few inputs and also get the downloadable file without any development skills.

What we learned

Here I learned a lot of things. First I learned how to work with Communications APIs and then how to use it on simple Node.js express applications. And also work with the admin panel dashboard. In this period I was able to do some research on the platform and how I can apply it for my future projects.

What's next for HelloApp

This generated completed applications for users. But next we can add form validations and user authentication systems for security concerns and reach to the next level.

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