Weekend Killer

You have an awesome long two day weekend now. You have some many places I want to go! But where should I go first? What is the shortest driving time?I don't want to type all of these in google map! (Also I don't even know where I want to go exactly)

Let Alexa help you!

Just tell Alexa, what you want to do, let Alexa decide the fastest way to visit these places!
Here is an example conversation between you and Alexa:
-You: Hi Alexa, Open weekend killer
-Alexa: Okay, tell me where you want to go
-You: Supermarket
-Alexa: Okay, what else?
-You: Movie
-Alexa: Great! What else?
-You: That's it!
-Alexa: (Thinking for a while)-- Okay , you should go to AMC at Silver spring first, then go to Shoppers nearby. Have a great weekend!

Technology used:

-We created a skill with Alexa lambda function.
-We used nodeJS as our backend routine
-We used google map directions API to calculate the path between A and B(Async functions give us big headache!)
-We developed an unoptimized algorithm to figure out the best path
-We used web socket technology to render our result in real time in a browser
-We deployed our service on Google cloud platform
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