Hello World was an app inspired by the idea of understanding the world around us more efficiently. Based off of the Pokédex idea, Hello World tries to emulate the feel of a simple but useful everyday app.

What it does

Users can take photos of their content of interest, and that information will be recognized with Wolfram technologies in image and text recognition. Using wikipedia API, a short summary of the content will be returned so that users can learn more about the content, with the option to further explore.

How We built it

We used react to emulate a mobile app. Wolfram solved a lot of our problems since we could make APIs ourselves and also return incredibly detailed text corresponding to a single image because of their image identification language.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time any of us really used react, so setting it up took a long time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that we actually got it working!

What I learned

Wolfram is amazing.

What's next for Hello World

hopefully connection to social media can be established, and machine learning can be implemented so that there is a possibility of predictive image identification that caters towards each person (so someone who likes flowers can get more accurate returns of flower types)

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