I got inspiration from the event host of Hello, World in a New Language.

What it does

It prints Hello World in Golang language which is totally new for me :-). There's also a little twist in the code.

How I built it

Firstly I visit straight to the page link which is the official website for Golang documentation and also one can code online.

Challenges I ran into

Literally, the documentation is really super easy to run a Hello World program. So, I didn't face any challenges so far.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yes, I'm very proud to learn a new language which is also trending. Thanks to the MLH team and the event host especially Aditya Oberai to encourage me.

What I learned

I've learnt the initial of a new language.

What's next for Hello World in a New Language

More to go in the coming days as I've found Golang interesting.

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