Einstein feared that technology will surpass our human interaction. While sitting alone at lunch we chose to erect a façade of preoccupation; head down, phone on, mind blank. We have developed connections, but we have shut ourselves in. We defer to digital comfort while fearing live confrontation. Facebook was founded on “the idea that people want to share and connect with people in their lives” but the concept of immediate accessibility diminishes the value of their company. An intangible encapsulated detracts from the current circle of “friends” and prevents unprecedented exploration. Out of our passion for discovery, our love for the unexpected, and crime for adventure we have developed Hello World, a mobile application that promotes live face-to-face interactions based on familiarity. A user’s interests, hobbies, philosophies, and current activities are categorized into our matching algorithm. We then provide potential candidates with similar interests, which you could filter by distance, relevance, compatibility, affiliations, and so on. User pictures and names are private by default and

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