Hello Puppy

Follow the Puppy and see the ever changing reality.

What we aims to archive This AR experience aims to encourage Player to explore the world instead of selfie and standing in front of the screen. Player needs to physically walking in order to experience it.

Altered World in Reality We developed a puppy as a lead for player to follow. While player arrive In between each points, the world will be alternated. We want public to notice, or arouse awareness of the Climate Changing which happening right here right now. We focus on 3 major Climate Changing issues like Heavy rain and storm, Global warming that cause ice melting in North Pole, and Forest fire which happened in Africa and Australia last year.

What AR can be We wish to explore the possibility of world AR, what it can do more than an effect. AR could help us to get closer to world, not only augmenting the world, but also bring us the reality.

Built With

  • atom
  • audition
  • cinema4d
  • sparkar
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