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As Ukraine is being attacked and invaded by Russians, Most of Ukrainians home are destroyed and many people are displaced. With Refugees looking for Shelter elsewhere, Most Refugees Supports Non Profit Organizations help large number of Refugees who flees their home to settle down by providing Foods, Water, Shelter and Financial Assistance etc.

With Millions of Ukrainians and Refugees around the world desperately looking for help, it become a heavy work for Refugee Teams in handling their request/applications.

Consequently, alot of Air Traveling &Immigration Services also has huge problem in managing their Customers/Clients data and signing of documents.

Realistically, most of the form/application submissions, processing and agreements are done manually on Paper or over an email which sometime creates monotony in the work task especially in emergency critical situations.

we develop this applications using Helloworks API, Hellosign Signature SDK, Google Map, Google Chart Statistics, Email Server and Twilio SMS to help Refugees/Immigrants etc who Needs urgent help to easily connect and submit their application and have it agreed, signed and reviewed by their respective Refugee Teams, Immigration Teams etc. to help provide assistance urgently.

By Providing an application coded with Helloworks API forms and by integrating HelloSign's E-Signature SDK, it makes application processing and agreements signing between Refugees/Immigrants and their respective Refugee Team, Immigration & Traveling Agencies etc. super fast.

This Application can be leveraged by Immigration/Traveling Agencies to make Traveling Documents processing and Signing asuper easy.

This Application can also be leveraged by Refugees Team Non Profit Organization like

1) International Rescue Committee (IRC):

2.) Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS):

3.)Doctors Without Borders (or Médecins Sans Frontières):

4.)Save the Children:

5.) RefugeePoint:

6.) Jesuit Refugee Service

7.) Alight Refugee Teams ( and many more.......

What it Does

On the Part of Refugees/Immigrants:

1.) Refugees & Immigrants E-Signature is an application that allows Refugees/Immigrants who is looking for urgent help or wants to travel to fill out a Request Form powered by Helloworks API which is sent to Refugees/Immigrants Email Address.

The Refugee/Immigrants then login into his Email and filling the Request Form from Helloworks and upon form submission, the user is redirected back to the App with his/her submitted Helloworks form Data from Helloworks API

2.) The application then automatically leverages Hellosign Signature SDK to forward the Helloworks submitted Form data to Hellosign for document signing on the Refugees/Immigrants Email Address.

The application finally leverages Hellosign to sign and process the request form so that the Refugee/immigrants seeking for assistance can agree to the terms and conditions of their respective Refugees Team , Immigration/Traveling Agencies and to also agree and sign that all the information submitted are truths and valid.

On the Part of the Admin

1.) The Refugee Teams/Immigration Services first visits Helloworks Website to create the Request Form using Build Your Own Form Templates.

2.) Refugee Teams can Signup and Login into the applications as Admins to View and Review All the Registered Refugees information Documents Signing Details.

3.) The Application allows Refugee Teams to View, Check and Update Refugees Sign Documents Status.

4.) The Refugee Teams can also download and Review each of Refugees Signed Documents along with the summary of the Signed documents all in PDF Formats

5.) The Refugee Teams can also Updates Refugees Status from Awaiting Approval/Acceptance to Accepted once the Refugees issues has been Resolved and has been accepted

6.) The Refugee Teams can also track registered Refugees Details on Google Map to pin points its Geo-location Address Mapping.

7.) The Refugee Teams can also communicate and exchange information with Refugees via Email Messages Campaign and via SMS Text Messages leveraging Twilio SMS API Gateways.

8.) The Refugee Teams can also visualized the Total Registered Refugees Vs Refugees Awaiting Approval/Acceptance vs Refugees Already Accepted via Google Chart/ Graph Distributions Analysis.

How to Install Application Locally:

1.) This application was written in PHP and thus ensure that something like xampp server is install. Ensure that PHP and Mysql is running.

2) The Refugee Teams/Admin, Immigration Agencies etc will need to Edit Settings.php file to update all Requirements like Hellosign Credentials, Helloworks Credentials and Parameters, Google Map API Key, Twilio SMS API Credentials , Email Server Configurations etc.

3) Edit both data6rst.php and db_connect_map.php to update database Credentials respectively.

4.) Export hellosign_db.SQL which contains database Table.

5.) Call up the application at browser and it will be running at http://localhost/hello_plus/index.php

How We built it.

1.) The Application was Built with PHP, Mysql, Bootstraps, Ajax/Jquery, CSS etc.

Technologies used includes Helloworks API, Hellosign E-Signature SDK, Google Map Javascript API, Google Address Geocoding API, PhpMailer, Twilio SMS, and Google Chart/graphs etc.

2.) It uses Helloworks Form API to create and send a request form to Refugees/Immigrants Email Address for documents fillings and processing.

3.) It uses Hellosign E-Signature SDK for PHP to process Refugees/Immigrants Form data from Helloworks before being sent to Refugees Email Address for documents Signing and Completion.

4.) We Used Twilio SMS API to Allow Refugee Teams to send and recieve SMS messages campaign within the application to registered Refugees. We are currently using Twilio Test/Sandox API Credentials and thus can only send and recieve SMS to only numbers (Eg. +2349135775247) configured on Twilio Dashboard.

In For your own testing, You will need to enter your Twilio Test/Sandox API Credentials OR Production/Live Twilio SMS Credentials at settings.php files to enable you send and recieve SMS Message to any Refugees mobile contacts across the globe.

5.) We used Google Address Geocoding API to convert published Refugees Home address to Latitude and Longitude to enable his/her Geolocation Address to easily appear on Google Map.

6.) We used Google Map Javascript API to pinpoint the exact location of the Refugees Geolocations on the Google Map

7.) We used PhpMailer to allow Alight Refugee Teams to send and receive email messages to and from all Registered Refugees.

8.) We used Google Chart/graphs to be able to visualized the Total Registered Refugees Vs Refugees Awaiting Approval/Acceptance vs Refugees Already Accepted via Google Chart/ Graph Distributions Analysis.


This Application is MIT Licensed. Free to be used for any purposes

What We Learn

Working with Helloworks API and Hellosign SDK in PHP is very simple and easy to integrate into our applications.

What's next for Refugees & Immigrants E-Signature

More Features Coming soon

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