Wanting a way to write hello without using our hands. Had the teacher bring in the self driving cars.

What it does

It moves on the paper and write down hello all over the paper.

How we built it

We started on the robotice mesh form Vex and started to have it go foward, backward, and turn. Then we perfomred many of test to see what we are going to have to change in the code. Then we made the robot onto the robot and draw hello.

Challenges we ran into

Making the exact turning ways we also made it programmed to it to turn we need to make it turn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works, Need more time on it.

What we learned

Programming the root has come in to many challenges. It also had us moving around the clock fixing and debugging all of parts. We also looked into all of the improvements that will be added to the bot.

What's next for Hello

To make so that we can have the camera on it so we cna see it as it is moving and as it is writing down the word hello.

Built With

  • robotic-mesh
  • vex
  • vex-vison
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