We were inspired by other minimalistic websites but also wanted to add a little kick by implementing calming firefly animations in the background, as well as some typewriter and slide-in animations throughout our website. Our website also follows more of the "dark mode" trend so our whole website is a dark purple color which helps emphasize the little firefly animations and the text on the screen.

What it does

Our website is a template portfolio website that allows the user to display their biography, experience, projects and contact information for the viewer to look at.

How we built it

We built this website using Python and Flask. We also used bootstrap to help style and create components for us.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into was using GitHub to push and pull work from each other. We realized that whenever we both changed our versions locally, even if we changed different things, when we pulled the work from the repo, there would be a conflict. We realized we had to use git stash in order to "stash away" our own changes and pull the other person's work.

Another challenge we ran into, was of course creating all the animations. Sometimes, things that worked in tutorials wouldn't work for our website and it was just frustrating when we didn't know how to fix it.

Another challenge we ran into, was formatting the website to be relative instead of absolute. We realized this was a problem when my partner's website looked different than the one I was working on, since our computer screens were different sizes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something we're really proud of was making the background animations actually work, because this was something we spent hours researching and watching tutorials on. Both of us have never really worked with much CSS, much less CSS animations and so when it finally worked, we were very proud of ourselves.

What we learned

We worked how to set up a virtual environment, as well as the basics of python and how flask works. We also learned the basic commands of git - commits, making a new branch, pull requests, etc.

We learned how to create CSS animations, slide-in animations, as well as use a framework like bootstrap to help us.

What's next for Hello! I'm Bob.

Next, we probably want to make this website responsive for other devices like phones or iPads, etc. We were more focused on just implementing more animations this time, than making it responsive.

We should also focus on making this website more personalized and turn it into each of our personal websites.

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