With the event of Covid19, staying safe at home and boking a medical appointment is very paramounts.

Why I Design this Applications.

I designed this application to help Dr. Chrono Doctors and Patients to effectively Medical Appointments.

Application Summary:

1.) Allow Patients search and look for a nearby Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities.

2.) Allows Patients to Book Medical Appointments and receive updates Leveraging Dr. Chrono Appointment API (/api/appointments)

3.) Allows easy Calendaring System access of daily Medical Appointment Bookers from various Hospital by various Patients.

How We Built it

The application was built using PHP, Curl, Mysql, Ajax/Jquery, Bootstraps etc.

Dr. Chrono Technology Leveraged includes

Doctor Chrono Authorizaton/Authentication API,

Appointments API(/api/appointments),

Allergies API(/api/allergies) for managing Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects Reports,

Patients API(/api/patients),

Doctors API(/api/doctors).

Very Important:

Our Uploaded zipped Source Code containsReadme.txt file. Please read that file to get instructions on how to run our applications Locally.

To run PHP, you will need to have XAMPP Server Installed and ensured that Apache and Mysql server is also running as well.

Challenges I ran into

Dr. Chrono API is very simple but my issue is that it does not Provides Examples in PHP, so I have to find my own way to write the API Call in PHP/Curl and its working fine. Honestly, I really spend alot of time on this. Am glad its working great.

How is it Possible that a Patient can Connect to its Doctor at Dr. Chrono API Level.

This Possible via access token. I have stated this above before. When a Doctor successfully signed in via Dr. Chrono Authorization/Authentication API, an access token is generated and save in the database along with authenticating Doctors ID and registered Email Address.

When a Patients successful signed from invitation link sent to him by his Doctor, Doctors ID from Dr. chrono API Call (/api/doctors) is assigned to its Patients along with the registered Doctors Email Address.

The Patients automatically leverage the his Doctors access token based on the connecting Doctors ID and Email Address to connect and interacts with its Doctors at API Level

In production, since Dr. Chrono Access token expires every 48 hours, someone can set up a Cron Jobs that that can run once every 24 hours.

The Cron-jobs leverages the authenticated refresh token in the database for the said doctors and make an API Call to Dr. Chrono Authorization/Authentication API to get new access token and then updates the database. This can be done once every 24 hours.

This cronjobs will ensure perpertual API Authorization connections of Patients to their Doctors

Please see cron_jobs.php file in the zip files uploaded in the submission.

Built With

  • dr-chrono-api
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