What was the inspiration to create Hello Friend?

Sometimes we don’t know the influence that toxic people and negative conversations online have on our lives, thoughts, and personalities. Hello Friend was born to make it explicit which friends, conversations, conversation topics most negatively and positively influence us.

What does Hello Friend do?

Hello Friend, based on someone’s Twitter handle, analyses a large and staggering amount of a user’s tweets in order to determine how people and conversations influence one another. Hello Friend also points out people who may be toxic, lead users to have negative conversations, users who engage in positive threads, which, based on research, have large impact on our users’ life decisions, thoughts, and behaviors.

How Was Hello Friend built?

Hello Friend’s back-end was crafted by Hello Friend’s staggering Cloud guru, Nathan, who set up a Flask server written in python, leveraged Microsoft Azure’s machine learning and natural language processing for tweet analysis, and the Twitter API to scrape tweets off of the web. Hello Friend’s front-end was meticulously created by Mauricio, Hello Friend’s front-end master. It was carefully and delicately created with pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript from scratch. Logos and Illustrations were also made from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

What challenges the Hello Friend ran into?

Our main challenge was to concilliate the Hello Friend team’s routines with UB Hacking’s hackathon schedule. This weekend, the Hello Friend team had to squeeze in college exams, programming competitions, and job interviews while hacking at the same time at UB Hacking. The Hello Friend team also used Microsoft Azure for the first time!

What accomplishments Hello Friend is proud of?

The Hello Friend team is very proud to create such an thorough research-based environment where people can ask questions and get correct and reliable answers about negative and positive influences of friends and online partners on them. Additionally, our hearts are full for being able to conciliate our busy routines with our project idea.

What did the Hello Friend Team learn?

The Hello Friend team learned how to use Microsoft Azure for the first time and the team had wonderful results. It was also breathtaking and marvelous to create our node graphs, which better help users to visualize one’s online network and the influence of others on them.

What's next for Hello Friend?

Hello Friend is looking forward to be even more far-reaching. The team is exploring plans to increase our analysis sources, including, but not limited to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail (to spot toxic people and negative conversations in professional fields and academia).

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