Inspiration: We wanted the ability to help people who are going tough times and do not know the resources available to them or how to contact those resources.

What it does: "Hello, Friend!" is a chat bot application that allows you to allows have a friend to talk to when you need one most. We wanted the website to be secretive to what it's actual purpose is so the user's would feel more comfortable using the app.

How we built it: We started out trying to make a chat bot using python but when we realized we would not have enough time to get it working the way we wanted to, we changed to using Javascript.

Challenges we ran into: One of the challenges we ran into was using javascript for the first time. None of our team had much experience with web development so we had to learn how to build a website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are most proud of the UI. We had never done anything with a website UI before so we were very proud that we were able to make a UI design we were proud of. We were also proud of our dancing features which makes our character the user interacts with dance.

What we learned: We learned much about web development and how chat bots work.

What's next for Hello, Friend!: In the future, we would like to finish implementation of the chat bot.

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