The SRF workshop convinced us that this is an interessting project that will help many of their journalists on reporting better on the outbreak.

What it does

Corona Scare Map parses the global twitter data from and creates a heatmap in a web application. Let's try to figure out how much attention the Covid-19 pandamic got in the different countries.

How we built it

We changed plans 5 times, but its super easy to deploy it! While we dabbled with Azure's very cool API's and machine learning capabilities powered by blockchain. We constantly transformed our idea and pivoted to something simpler.

Challenges we ran into

Azure was more complicated than we thought. Our team lacked some web and data skills. And most importantly, there was too much focus on infrastructure and a lack of a clear initial vision.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working web application and it can be deployed to Azure in minutes.

What we learned

We improved our skills with Azure. It was our first hackathon and we realized that programming a prototype in a short time is very different from everyday programming.

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