”Hello Baseball”

A voice assistant for baseball fans

Get instant information about your favorite MLB team. Ask our voice assistant for the result of your team and get advanced information about the match. Visual results provided for a phone screen / smart display console

Try Asking

  • What was the score for the Boston Red Sox on May 1st, 2018?
  • Royals final score November 1st 2015
  • Tell me more about that game

Built with

  • Data from https://www.baseball-reference.com/ - Supports all teams, all seasons
  • Cheerio web scraper
  • Dialogflow and Google Actions console for voice agent support (Google Home)
  • Google Firebase for hosting

Issues we encountered

  • Planning to do a single scrape of Baseball-reference (generating hundreds of requests), ended up getting blocked from the site
    • RESULT: Make a single promise - will load up the page for the specified team and year, and extract data
  • Difficult debug process - separate developer deploys were required in order to test

Team members

  • Aaron
  • Fabio
  • François
  • Kira
  • Veronica

Built With

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