To mod Hello Barbie. The Hello Barbie toy talked a lot about fashion and pet store animals. We wanted to see if we could rebuild her conversation corpus. #HellNOBarbie

We took the toy apart, it was built with what looks like an original Electric Imp chip.

What it does

Uses the Internet of Things to communicate a language corpus to children.

We recast plastic barbie molds with various skin colors, and broke down the different technologies into different types of chatbots that could use text to speech synthesis. I also called both Mattel and Toys R Us and asked why the non white barbies were not on shelves in stores.

We trained some pandorabots, installed festival - a linux text to speech converter on a raspberry pi, cast new barbie molds (we wanted diversity) and the project got cut before we could actually stuff the raspberry pis into the new plastic bodies.

Built With

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