Dealing with puberty has always been a major challenge for the younger generation. Those body hairs, crackling voice and pimples have always been a major concern for the adolescents. The reason behind their worry is lack of correct information and basic understanding of puberty. They don't know how to handle it. Most importantly they become secretive and don't share their issues with their parents. This affects them mentally and physically.s deal with it?

What it does

This skill allows teenagers to ask alexa about puberty, its signs and ways to handle it. It encourages kids to discuss their worries and doubts about their body transformation with their parents, this way our kids won't feel lonely.

How I built it

I used amazon alexa skill kit and amazon lambda service to host this skill. Coding part is done in javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Choosing the best invocation sentence and the name of skill was little challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to develop this skill as usually don't find information on this topic on alexa store, although the issue it addresses are faced by all our kids at some point of the time. I am happy that I developed something that would emotionally strengthen our kids.

What I learned

I learned the working behind alexa. It's cool.

What's next for Hello Adolescence

I would like to add certain characters like Bob and Alice and explain these changes using them so that kids can relate to them.

Built With

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