Anyone else curious what Hell is like? I am. So I made a game to simulate what I imagine Hell would be like. (Not to be taken seriously!)

What it does

You get to take a trip through Hell in this game. Remember, Hell is a one-way trip, no round-trip!

Learn how to survive the harsh landscapes of Hell, and prevent the demons from learning your darkest fears!

Currently in does nothing. The form is not functioning, and this is serving as a mockup for me to create a video game. So, it is a work in progress.

How I built it

I created this using simple HTML + CSS. But I plan to turn this into an actual video game!

Challenges I ran into

I had no idea what I was doing. I just kept prodding along and figuring out how to do stuff. One step at a time. Therefore, I would have to say the challenges I ran into were not having someone to teach me and organically learning through trial and error. Good ol' programming!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the aesthetics of my website. It gives one a very 2003, MySpace-y feel. It makes one feel like they have been haunted by the sp00py ghost of purgatory when they visit the website.

What I learned

I learned that HTML + CSS is very fast to mock up a website very quickly.

However, I discovered FramerX and now my life is DiFfErEnT. While I personally found it fast to spin up HTML + CSS websites, the discovery that are other programs that abstract away the markup language so that I, the designer, may focus on more important tasks, has revolutionized my life.

What's next for Hell Simulator

A video game! :D I hope everyone will play the video game and have fun. Stay tuned.

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