Helix is a simple way for doctors to be make a patient's time outside the hospital count. It's hard to get face-time with your doctor, and you'll only see them about two hours every year. Doctors know that the best way to prevent severe illness is to see the signs before they become larger problems. That's why it's important for doctors to be able to change prescription and dosage based on your live health data collected from HealthKit.

Helix connects patients with their doctors - allowing them to send their doctors messages about how they're feeling and how they are adjusting to their prescription. By utilizing Postmates, not only is Helix a communication channel with their doctor, but deliver medications straight to the patients doorstep. Using a combination of the Parse and Postmates platform, Helix is able to update the patient about the delivery status of medications.

We've had a great time building Helix at PennApps Health, and we can't wait to get this into your hands.

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