The city of Boston offers all of this great data for public use, and we wanted a simple and easy way to visualize all of that, in one consolidated viewing platform.

How it works

Boston City View takes real time data from the city of Boston's publicly available datasets and performs k-means clustering to determine areas of concentration for different topics of interest, such as crime rates or property values.

Challenges I ran into

Helion's Development Platform was difficult to use and publish multiple applications to, as was the usage of their SQL implementation. Also, the 8 hour time limit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting something off the ground in the limited amount of time that looks presentable and demonstrates our idea in a functioning way.

What I learned

How work with mysql, more about javascript, and helion's unique solution to platforms-as-a-service

What's next for Boston City View

Moving everything we have to the usual hosting set up we would use for such web apps, extending it to use more of the data sets, and adding in more fine-tuning options.

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