The idea for Helioscope came from observing that the SME community generally has a lack of understanding when it comes to Cyber Security trends. I believe that current offerings aren’t designed for these segments, that otherwise would use such systems.

What it does

Helioscope at this time is a functioning web application which is currently retrieving emerging cyber security threat intelligence from IBM X-Force Exchanges API. From Helioscopes dashboard you can see the threat feed on the far left side. Helioscope also uses user information to curate relevant information to the user. Lastly, Helioscope provides data visualization tools, helping the user build a bigger picture of the threat landscape.

How we built it

Helioscope was built using Python and the Flask framework. Flask is a great tool for making prototype applications lending itself very well to competitions such as this. Additionally, Bootstrap and Chart.js was used to develop the front-end.

Challenges we ran into

The limited number of team members and illness among the ranks meant that certain functionality couldn’t be included, and other tasks had to be prioritized over others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite our set backs, I’m proud we were able to put together as much as we did.

What we learned

When attending a Hackathon that takes place over three days, sleep is critical.

What's next for Heliograph

Helioscopes current state is a good starting point for further development, we would like to see Helioscope include more threat feeds, integration with social media, more data visualization and a more robust system for determining what threat indicators are relevant to each user.

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