Seems like everybody got a FitBit for Christmas this year but will they actually use it. Sure many will wear it and use the step counter as a novelty but will they hold themselves accountable and try to reach the daily goal? Held True was built to give you that extra push and help you reach your goal be it 10,000 steps or 25,000 steps a day.

What it does

Held True connects to your FitBit account and monitors your daily progress. If you haven't synced by mid-afternoon a SMS will be sent to remind you to sync. In the evening you and/or an accountability partner will get a text with how many steps you need to reach your goal.

How I built it

Lots of banging away

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Most proud of keeping scope creep and functionality overload getting the best of me. I have a list a mile long of new features that can be added but wanted to push the MVP out in time.

What I learned

Not all APIs are created equally. Nexmo had a clean API and a decent python library.

What's next for Held True

Refinement and integrating more features.

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