The future contract market is limited to large market players like banks, trading houses. It is difficult for retailers to participate in the future market. We like to empower individuals to partake in the world's largest financial instrument trading.

What it does

Hektor exchange allows factional ownership of future contract without large deposits. We can also see who are the market participants. There is no dark pool or stealth players. Open and transparent for all!

How we built it

We used ReactJs, ExpressJS and of course hedera test net. We hosted the frontend on Google Cloud App Engine and the backend on Google Cloud Compute Engine. There is a backup version hosted on AWS.

Challenges we ran into

There is limited documents on API. We managed to trial and error and solve the API issues. We also do not have prior experience handling google cloud. Being curious and always willing to learn, we experimented with different settings, lots of help from qwiklabs and was able to get the app working on Google Cloud.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The two of us are busy over this period of time. We only chatted since last week. The coding took over 2 days. We are proud to say that we have a simple working model.

What we learned

With blockchain or hashgraph trechnologies, there is no need for centrality, storage of information can be decentralised. In a short, the world belongs to a blockchain powered tokenised future. Anyone and everyone can partake in financial markets without a centralised exchange. Individuals can trade among themselves de-centralisedly .

What's next for Hektor Exchange

Building an exchange is not a simple task, requires huge personal and financial commitment. Given the right resources, we like to build the Hektor exchange in a fully functional exchange with market making abilities. Future plans include subscribing to a reliable real time financial API provider, integrating with a reliable authentication service provider and a reliable payment gateway


To try our simple exchange url: username : user2 password : password2

If the above link does not work, please use the backup url below. The hashgraph serves as the database of transactions, hence all transaction information will be preserved no matter which server we host the app on.

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