We asked ourselves how we could book a personal trainer online since due to the pandemic there is renewed interest in small scale and private sports lessons. We saw that there was no good option on the marked to easyily book pay and schedule online sessions.


So we propse building a platform that does exactly that. An online Personal trainer booking platofrm. This platform will focus on reducing the admin work for the Personal trainers as an incentive to get PTs onto the platform. This will be done since the PTs will bring their existing client base to the platform and enable steeper growth.

But since building such a platform is a bit boring for a hackathon we simply created a mockup of what it could look like and instead wrote a tool that ensures a high quality standard on the most important aspect of the Personal trainer profile. Namely the profile pictures. Thus we built the hackerboys image analyzer


the image analyzer is able to recognize: How bright the image is how colorful the image is how many people are in the picture If there is nudity, weapons alcohol etc. in the image and much more. check how "wild" the background is through image segmentation A lot of machine learning is going on under the hood to achieve this


to summarize we propse an online personal trainer booking platform that focuses on reducing admin time for the personal trainers. This will be done in part through the image analyer that ensures that the pictures on each profile look as good as possible.

Pivot options

Alternatively if the personal trainer platform does not take off, we could pivot to provding our proprietary image analyer as an online service or focus on a differen private sports lessons like golf instead of personal training.


the image analysis in the video is sped up. in reality it takes about 1min to process the image.

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