This game jam's theme was 'capture', which originally made me think of the word 'acquire', somehow inspiring me to make a Heist game about a stereotypical-looking thief trying to steal treasures such as diamonds and rubies with dashing maneuvers and cool gadgets. After determining my game's general idea, I drew in inspiration from classic heist movies such as Oceans 11.

What it does

A small heist game that I created in accordance to Melon Jam 3's theme of 'capture'. You sneak around cameras, lasers and other obstacles to find treasures throughout different levels, and try not to get caught.

How I built it

For art I used several open source assets and drew the remaining assets that I visioned in my head. I used unity and c# to code the game itself. I used unity's Universal Render Pipeline to construct 2d lights for vision cones and lasers in levels. I also used the 2d lights as an atmosphere, contributing to a lower lighting feel, which I believe makes the Heist game more immersive.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that I ran into were the plethora of bugs I ran into while coding that I had to fix on the fly, and some, due to the deadline, had to remove from the game completely. Some other challenges that I ran into was towards the end, trying to test everything at the last moment if they were up to snuff.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Something that I am proud of is the cool effects that I made with the 2d lighting and overall atmosphere. I am also proud of the mechanics and ideas that I came up with throughout the game, that I thought, fit really well and looked quite good in my opinion in the end.

What I learned

I learned more about how to do 2d topdown games, this being one of my first topdown games I made. I gained a lot more experience in:

  1. Topdown 2d Movement
  2. How to use 2d lighting
  3. How to brainstorm for better mechanics by drawing in inspiration from other medias

What's next for Heist-Man

More Heisting! I plan to add more mechanics to this game in the future and see where it takes me!

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