About the project

Heimdall is a multipurpose dashboard for video analytics, With Heimdall's enhanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and object and facial recognition helps reduces the need for labor-intensive tasks and work as an intelligent eye. Its plug and play and can turn any CCTV camera to AI Camera

Architecture diagram

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  • Smart surveillance

  • Smart surveillance is a set of Machine learning algorithms build using Azure Machine Learning Services that can be used for automatic surveillance of an area

  • Provides Real-time analytics from Video without using any complex machine learning algorithms or GPU servers

  • Can Blacklist malicious objects(Guns, Knives, Masks etc) and activities like fighting, shooting, theft etc.

  • Features

  • Detect unauthorized people

  • Detect illegal objects

  • Detect Malicious activities

  • Detect Face Masks

  • Examples

  • Campus Surveillance

  • Corprate Sruveillance

  • Airport Security

  • Home Security

  • Face Mask Detection

  • Future

  • Face Recognition

  • Social Distancing

Run the project

Run client

git clone https://github.com/Navan0/heimdall.git
cd heimdall
cd services
pip install -r requiremnts.txt
python main.py

Run console

cd heimdall
cd dashboard
pip install -r requiremnts.txt
``` create db ```
python manage.py runserver


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