This artwork is inspired by YokaiSwap --- Nervos Network's first DeFi exchange. Since their mascot is a Yokai that portrays a supernatural entity based on Japanese folklore, the artist considered incorporating Japanese elements into the masterpiece. In the art, the crimson red sun represents Japan's flag, the temple expresses reverence, and the cherry blossom tree indicates renewal.

"My sun sets to rise again" is the apt quote for the individuals who believe on Nervos that each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow by embracing past failures and mistakes. Samurai is the identity I chose for the Yokai to show how it conquered many odds along with a Panda species that gives identity to Nervos' headquarters who reside in China. These were able to balance the artwork's fierceness and gentleness.

The Bullish Wear seeks to explore the possibility of selling merchandise through NFTs by seizing opportunities provided firsthand by the Nervos Foundation. The owner adheres to recognize the strengths and risks of owning an NFT-based business to the market to create a seamless interaction process between the seller and customer. But first and foremost, it endeavors to secure sufficient funding by showcasing the creativity and mastery of the artist to his chosen craft.

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