HEELAND is a holistic immersive XR shopping experience design. Users could get a smooth, safe, engaged, and gamified shopping experience across the whole process of buying GKs(Garage Kits): exploring in the virtual store park, playing with GKs, paying with games, collecting virtual GKs, etc.


Pop Mart, Pokémon, Disneyland.

How we built it

Unity is our main platform to build this experience. STYLY VR is the platform to run the experience, and Oculus Quest 2 is our device to experience. We remade some toys to build our own physical controller and use Arduino as our signal transformer to build connections between the interactions in Unity and the controllers.

Challenges we ran into

For design, the challenge is to find proper tangible ways to interact with the Garage Kit avatars to make the exploring and shopping experience easily engaged and interesting. As it goes to the actual implementation, the challenge is to coordinate the system of tangible interactions and VR virtual effects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Combine tangible interactions and VR visual effects together in the shopping experience.
  2. We developed three different tangible interactions and relevant effects in our project.

What we learned

A holistic and gamified XR shopping experience should be the future focus of the cultural and entertainment products retail business. Even more, in the future Metaverse that we are heading into, an immersive experience that fits into the local context is what we should be looking into. To give users immersive, safe, and coherent feelings in the shopping environment are where Metaverse could thrive.

What's next for Heeland

  1. Improve the virtual GKs' interactions.
  2. Iterate the design of the tangible devices.
  3. Use this experience as an example/template to look into other scenarios

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