I have seen my family members forgetting to carry a mask or maintaining distance from people when away from home. Since it's not a habit which we are accustomed to. Hence a location-aware app to remind people about the rules.

What it does

A location-aware app that will notify users about the rules to follow while leaving home and what to do when they are returning home by using the power of geofencing. The app doesn't collect or upload any data to remote servers hence maintaining the privacy of the user.

How I built it

I developed a native android app that uses the Mapbox API and geofencing to know when a user enters or exits their marked location.

Challenges I ran into

Geofencing API was not working as expected. So I wrote the breadcrumb tracking algorithm to replicate the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to develop this app in just 1 day.

What I learned

Breadcrumb tracking algorithm and Mapbox API.

What's next for Heed

To provide more details on how to stay safe during the outbreak. Show users how many coronavirus cases are there in their region by marking it on the map. Improve the overall experience in terms of location tracking and notification.

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