The pet industry was evaluated at $155B in 2018. There's still no safe, simple travel solution for pets across the country, especially without an owner. We hear of pet deaths in cargo, and the first result on Google when we look up pet travel is an international travel advisory page.

What it does

Everyday travelers can opt-in to carry a pet along Pet owners can look up available pet flyers based on itinerary, ratings and pick a pet flyer

How I built it

Airline websites will enable an option to express interest in carrying a pet along. Hedwig is a website for pet owners to identify such travelers and pick an itinerary.

Challenges I ran into

Trust is a critical issue. Pet owners are very sensitive to entrust pets to strangers. We are working to build a community of pet owners who can be trusted pet sitters, pet flyers, pet walkers, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For pet adopters who are forced to travel often, business or otherwise, we would like this to be a go-to solution. Breeders, and animal shelters are among our primary targets. We hope this improves pet adoption and provides a safe pet ecosystem

What's next for Hedwig

Hedwig is currently in a hackathon shelter and is looking forward to be adopted, and incubated :)

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