How a commonfolk might use this software:

Jane opens the website. She uses the buttons to draw some small but complete social network, maybe it is her kindergarten class. Edges should represent friendships between people. She came to this website because she was wondering how the class is likely to break into groups when they go to the movies together. She clicks analyze and sees that there are three subgroups. People within a subgroup will probably end up sitting next to each other and the different subgroups will probably be in different places in the theatre.

How a researcher might use this software:

So Sam has just read this confusing AAAI paper claiming a polynomial time algorithm for the decision of friend-oriented core-stable coalition formation existence. She can sort of process the pseudo-code but she doesn't really get the algorithm; she needs to visualize it. So she goes to our website and comes up with some social networks and uses the interface to do the calculations and manipulations described in the paper. Now she truly gets it, hurray!

We stand on the shoulders of giants

  • The creators of javascript made some good design choices.
  • Github pages makes hosting static web pages so so easy.
  • sigma.js is an excellent simple javascript library for drawing graphs. We wouldn't have gotten half as far without it.
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