Ball games, rallies, Comic Con, music festivals. Given our beautiful weather and penchant for fun, a lot of amazing events happen in San Diego year-round. Unfortunately, parking can be scarce and public transit rarely takes you directly to the starting line for your fun run. And with the number of intersections that need to be crossed to get you there, it can take a long time to simply arrive.

We got to thinking: if the timing on traffic lights can be changed to accommodate a larger volume of cars during rush hour, can we do the same thing for corridors with a large number of pedestrians?

What we've learned

It turns out that lights can be altered to give pedestrians additional time to cross streets, and the city is interested in figuring out the best way to do it. Since fast moving cars and pedestrians crossing the street don't mix well, giving pedestrians less of an incentive to jaywalk by way of longer green lights makes the streets safer.

How we're building it


We are a larger, 7-person team, so one of our biggest challenges has been communication. Our concept changed a number of times and so our team has had to play a little bit of catchup.

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