Our inspiration for this came from Capital One's aim for a better financial world. We felt it was important for people to learn how to invest their money wisely, so we built a game that allows for you to learn how to do that! Rather than build a boring investment platform, we wanted to make it a lot more interesting, so that's where the idea of a hedgehog bank came into play.

What it does

In our game, you are a hedgehog who is inspired by Jeff Bearzos to become the richest hedgehog of all time. You decide to do this by starting your own hedgehog bank and invest in different opportunities. You are approached by various entrepreneurs wanting investment funds from the hedgehog bank for various projects and it's up to you to judge whether these opportunities sound good or not.

How we built it

After designing a basic storyboard, we built the program on Java, using Swift to build our GUI.

Challenges we ran into

We all have experience in different fields of development (such as using Python, Javascript and Unity), but it was difficult for us to find a programming language that we all had lots of experience in. As we all study Java at university, we collectively have some experience in that language, but some of us had lots more experience than others (some of us only started 2 months ago!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm super proud of the animal puns we came up with for the rich list at the end of the game. As well as the idea of the protagonist being a hedgehog. Using GitHub in the context of a collaborative project is also something we are collectively proud of.

What we learned

Learning how to use GitHub for collaborative projects will be super useful for any projects we carry out in the future. As well as this, we all got the chance to practice coding in Java, allowing us to apply what we've learnt so far at university into real life projects.

What's next for Hedge Funds

We intend to develop Hedge Funds further, so that it includes sounds, images, a more complex interface, more storylines, and other small details that really make a game a game.

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