We started by asking ourselves what frustrates us the most in today's world. We went on about the recent news about how Alexa had severe vulnerabilities and how a few months back a couple of Chinese hackers found a devastating gap in security in Tesla's IoT protocol. They were able to access components and sensors of the car without the driver even knowing.

We thought, why isn't there a better solution, and we did some research. We actually dumped the idea as we found out is was too much for a 24 hour event (not kidding!!). After some speculation, and 2 hours in, we decided to go full steam ahead and do all the research we can to get a further understanding of the subject, and came out with an awesome solution, hedge!

hedge is a secure protocol that we developed for use on all, or mostly all, IoT devices. We wanted something that was centralized, yet extremely secure. We understood the risks of centralizing data, but with our solution, it is nearly impossible to gain access to IoT's on our network and architecture. We also developed the hedgehub which is the product we designed to handle our protocol.

We have a very open mind about IoT's and decided to make our ecosystem an open one. We want people to use and mix and combine other IoT's to make their home and connection as personalized as possible. No longer are you restricted to one market or one companies ecosystem.

With hedge everything is connectable!

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