Hecobase is a starter project for connecting and testing your smart contracts on Heco networks (testnet and mainnet). Hecobase extends a base open source project scaffold-eth so you can test other ethereum based projects as well.

Built for the Toolkits on HECO category challenge for the hecochain hackathon.

Bootstrap your projects and get deploying on the Heco main and test networks in no time. Use Hecobase to:

  1. Create and connect wallets.
  2. Connect to existing deployed Heco smart contract.
  3. Call methods on that smart contract directly from the Hecobase UI..

Deploying and linking a smart contract

  • Update hardhat.config.js to your target network (Heco or other Eth based platform).
  • To use deploy script, ensure you have a heco wallet with sufficient funds.
  • Update TARGET_NETWORK to point to same network.
  • Ensure there's nonzero heco balance. By default, yarn deploy will use the preset starter deployer account: 0xa1d3d032f9ec5a0fec2be20f3ff1e7e44141376c
  • To check balance, use yarn account

Use the faucet to grant https://scan-testnet.hecochain.com/faucet

The contract YourHecoContract.sol should now be deployed. By default, the app will connect to the HECO testnet.

Quick Start

Prerequisites: Node plus Yarn and Git

clone/fork 🏗 hecobase:

git clone https://github.com/cbonoz/hecobase.git

Start your 📱 frontend:

cd hecobase
yarn start

in another terminal window, 🛰 deploy the sample YourHecoContract smart contract:

cd hecobase
yarn deploy

🔏 Edit your smart contract YourHecoContract.sol in packages/hardhat/contracts

📝 Edit your frontend App.jsx in packages/react-app/src

💼 Edit your deployment scripts in packages/hardhat/deploy

📱 Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app

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