I teach Hebrew to fifth graders every Sunday and I always write them a short "hebringlish" text to read, because reading Hebrew characters secretly decrying English words and then solving the puzzle as to their meaning is much more interesting than reading Hebrew words whose meaning no one knows (at least not me). Thus, this app allows me to much more easily create transliterated texts to quench their thirst for Hebrew learning.

What it does

It takes a phonetically entered English text and makes it into Hebrew letters

How I built it

A lot of complicated and annoying string diddling

Challenges I ran into

Formatting the right-to-left characters within my left-to-right app. Swift kept glitching out, which ended up being the most complicated part

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wrote the app!

What I learned

More about string diddling.

What's next for Hebrew Transliterator

I will offer it to Hebrew teachers if they want it. This app has a definite, if diminutive, niche: those who wish to type hebrew quickly but haven't hebrew keyboards. So, hopefully this will be helpful for them as it will be for me.

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