A few weeks ago I attended to "Malopolska's night of scientists". During this event I with my friends took part in a so-called "city game" organized at Institute of Nuclear Physics. The idea was simple- to explore the campus by completing a serie of involving quests. Unfortunately the weather on that day wasn't so good, and the checkpoins which consisted of paper based tasks weren't really convenient. This was when I came up with the idea of transferring this kind of paper-based game into a mobile application.

What it does

Heboy is a mobile application which extends the possibilities of traditional city games. It is aimed both for tourists who wants to explore the new place in an interesting way and locals who just wants to spent their day doing something fun! Themed games and tough riddles are gonna make the competition even more exciting. Beacons, on the other hand, guarantee that the game is fair and they allow you to check your progress and compare your results with your friends.

How I built it

We were using a VCS and bitbucket repository to make our workflow more efficient. Two people were in charge of back-end side, one person was focusing on front-end and also we had a graphic designer who helped us to create some cool icons.

Challenges I ran into

We've experienced lots of difficulties during the development of our product. None of us have programmed any android mobile application before. Moreover, the technology which we used consisted of beacon devices which is quite a new technology. It was a huge challenge, but we've managed to get familiar with all of the neccessary features required to create "Heboy". Although there were times when we were losing our hope and when the Internet wasn't really available, creation just by itself was a really fun and enjoyable experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use git, bitbucket and android studio. Mastering android development on a level sufficient to create a fully usable product. Taming the beacons!

What I learned

Basics of VCS, android, beacon sdk. TEAMWORK and managing. It was fun.

What's next for Heboy

We are relly excited about our mobile application and we have a lot of ideas concerning its development. We would like to add features which would allow users to share their progress on social media. Moreover, it would be nice to make it possible for user to create his own game with his own beacons! Group events in a climate of rivalry would be another vision. Our dream is to make our product available in the biggest Polish cities by setting up a few permanent city games.

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