Inspiration: I have always wondered about the mental health impacts of climate change, especially in regards to the general anxiety people have about climate change and our ability to do something about it.

What it does : Brings awareness about one aspect of human cost with climate change.

How I built it: Created the map in ArcGIS Pro, edited in the Living Atlas, and wrote the narrative in Story Maps.

Challenges I ran into: Finding the data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Finding the data that I did and, as a new user to Pro and Online, getting the tables to work with each other to produce the relationship map (just kidding, lost the relationship map due to sharing issues so inserted an image of the map).

What I learned: Things may get worse unless mental health systems are supported and put into place to help those affected by disaster as well as support those as yet unaffected. In addition, if we can get help for communities with high rates of mental health disorders, we may be able to help transform people from hopeless about climate change to hopeful they can be part of the solution.

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