The My Bible Trivia app has been a huge success over the past few years as a family friendly Alexa app. Ever since our first release, we've wanted to add more content to the game to provide a more meaningful and fun experience to our users. With the incentives put in place with In-Skill Purchasing, we saw the opportunity to add more content for our users to play with, and be rewarded for doing so.

What it does

Using the entitlement purchase type, we've added two additional trivia packs to the offering.

People of the Bible

This package extends the normal game functionality by introducing 200 new trivia questions, all centered around selected leaders and individuals of the Bible. At the end of each trivia question, we read out the reference to the scripture, so that family's can learn more about these individuals after the game.

Parables of Jesus

This package walks through selected stories from the Bible and plays a guessing game with the user of "What happened next?" If you get the answer correct, you can proceed to the next part of the parable. Once finished, we read out the score and also reference to the scripture so that families and users are able to continue their education.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being on different sides of the United States, collaborating and making changes to a live-application was definitely challenging. Fortunately, we gave ourselves two months to work on the project and many screen shares, and we were able to successfully finish all changes and understand ISP within that time.

Challenges we ran into & What we learned with ISP

After reading through the best customer practices for ISP, and how to incorporate ISP in our code, we were off to the races. Looking back, these things stood out as being a challenge:

  1. Timing the release of the skill code vs Adding the In-Skill products. We did some research and found that the code for our existing skill will update automatically, even if the In-Skill products have not yet been certified yet. So we have added logic in our code to prevent sharing the menu of options until there the ISP has been published and is active.

  2. Handing off the skill to Alexa's purchasing flow Trying to make a clean handoff between our skill's language and what the Purchasing Flow reads was more challenging than expected. Who reads the description of the product? We found that it was necessary to pull the "summary" of the Product from the Product's API, and then read that from our skill, before handing off to the purchasing flow.

  3. Using the Upsell purchasing flow The main challenge we found with the upsell flow was that it must prompt the user for a continuation "Do you want to learn more?" But then if the person continues, it goes directly into the purchase confirmation "Are you sure you want to buy?". Having two back-to-back questions wasn't the best experience, so most often we read out the description of the product and then used the "Buy" flow directly.

However, we were able to make use of the Upsell flow in the scenario where a user attempts to start one of the trivia packs without having purchased it. Because their intent was not directly to buy, but to use the product, we use the Upsell skill to inform the user more before bringing them directly to the Product purchase confirmation.

What's next for Heavenly Trivia

If we find traction with these first 2 packages, we plan on adding a Sunday School Classics package as well which we did not have time for. We also have some friends translating the questions to Spanish, which sadly we also did not have time for in this challenge.

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