We would like to visually display the issue reports data in the city of Austin in heat map form, therefore making the data more accessible to users as they do not have to spend as much time reading and understanding it.

What it does

The web application displays the heat map of Austin community issues and can be filtered out (by issue category). This provides the user with insights on the geographical locations of certain Austin neighborhoods.

How we built it

We created queries on JSON files published by the Austin government to filter out the longitude and latitude and stored these in an array, which is then pushed into the function to be displayed on the Google Map to create a heat map. We also filtered the points out by categories, which are triggered by certain buttons displayed on the website so the user can filter out the parameter they'd like to see. The user can also use additional buttons to change the display of the heat points (gradient, opacity, etc.)

Challenges we ran into

We had some problems working with CSS and front-end development issues. We also initially had some problems allocating the right functions (that pulled up certain datasets) we'd like to be performed when certain buttons are clicked.

What's next for HEAusTin

The accumulation of data in the future as well as the addition of filtering parameters will generate a more accurate visualization of these data.

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