TweetHeat is a web application running off of Ruby on Rails in the back end, which streams live data to a javascript front end, which plots the data onto a Google Map plugin.

Although variations of TweetHeat have been made before, we found the idea to be nonetheless interesting and thought provoking, giving statistical insight on regional lingo and urban slang.

The idea was to be able to make a hypothesis before searching a keyword, such as I believe that the west coast is going to light up if I query the phrase "hella" or college towns are going to spike in twitter activity with regards to queries such as "drunk af", "turnt" and "pizza" on Friday nights.

With the click of a button, you can watch in live time where everyone is tweeting about anything in general or one key phrase in specific. We are incredibly proud of our UI design, and we believe we have a very strong, intuitive and aesthetic interface. We are also proud of conquering the Twitter API and the speed and efficiency that our app processes data.

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