We see a future where thermal imaging is a secondary functionality of all cameras. To start this boom, we wanted to get involved in social media and advertising the technology to young kids (and adults) that are always on their phones nowadays!

How it works

Snap a pic, send it to all your friends and watch them try to guess the temperature of your image! If your friends guess it right, they get points!! If they guess wrong YOU get points.

Even if you don't own a FLIR One, "HeatSeek" let's you try and beat your friends at their challenges! Simply go to you inbox, look at a challenge, guess, and win points!

Challenges I ran into

This was all our first attempt at an iOS app, let alone our first time playing with thermal imaging. Most of our challenges were due to lack of knowledge and experience. For example: Accessing the image components from the FLIRSDK and handling facebook auth tokens to manage our Users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The name. And we are proud we manage to finish a product as powerful Snapchat AND MORE in less than 48 hours :)

What I learned

I learned a lot about thermal imaging from the talks and fiddling around with the FLIR One. What I particular found super cool were the talks and applications on thermal scarring.

What's next for HeatSeek

We believe in spreading awareness about thermal imaging. Integrating with big social media like snapchat and instagram is definitely the goal!

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