After got the best tool to sense temperature, DIYers need a way to quickly capture the temperature, analysis the data and share it to social network.

with HeatReview app, you can Do It Yourself with just One finger!

What it does

HeatReview implemented a smooth and responsive user interface , plus 5 types of temperature analysis program, which include :

  • Frozen Meat, is food from refrigerator cool enough to keep away from germs?
  • Japanese Sushi, is Sushi fresh?
  • Plant health, do your plant require watering?
  • Drinks, are they too hot or too cool?
  • and funny Paper thickness check! Try to distinguish a bank note with a printer paper, surely you can spot some difference.

Finally, everything can be share to any social network as an image.

since you may be using the Flir One in different conditions , we feature a single finger controlled interface; ensure you can do everything yourself with the same hand that holding the smart phone

How to use it

  1. Connect FLIR One with your phone (or tap "Toggle Sim")
  2. Tap anywhere on the image to get the first circle region
  3. Drag to enlarge / resize your circle
  4. To move the circle, release your finger and tap+drag again (release and tap to switch between Resize or Move alternatively, so you can zoom with single finger)
  5. Tap on empty area to create new region again, up to 6 regions
  6. Tap on camera button to merge everything as one image, saved on phone and share to your social network.

How to read it

  1. Avg = average temperature of that region
  2. Min = minimum temperature of that region
  3. Max = maximum temperature of that region
  4. Comment , if you see an extra line below it, that is the suggestion from android; e.g. 4.a Unsafe = food is not cool enough , may be contaminated

How to validate banknote

  1. Lay a note on top of your laptop,
  2. Point FLIR One + HeatReview app towards the note
  3. Some part of banknote will be thin enough to late heat pass through quickly, so you can instantly get a image of heat region. ( tested with Hong Kong Dollars )
  4. If you circled that region and the heat source is good enough, the app will comment it as "Thin as bank note". ( not limited to banknote, thin paper / plastic sheets will have similar effect; but normal printer paper will block the heat )

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