Due to our research on the current statistics of gender gap, we figured out that women in some regions still suffer from gender inequality in different aspects, especially politics and workplace. Since there are many websites that include information about the gender gap and women’s rights, we would like to create something different and closer to our life. Then, we decided to focus on making a reliable platform where women can actually tell their own stories and raise voices against discrimination through the chat-box and blogs. Furthermore, we also discovered many organizations that also fight for women’s rights and lead societal change, including Women Deliver and The Global Goals. We acknowledge that an individual cannot raise voice to achieve and protect her rights, but together they can actually do that. As a result, we came up with an idea: women will absolutely be empowered if the individuals can participate in a suitable feminist organization. After a long time trying hard to complete all the tasks, we finally gained a worthy achievement.

What it does

HEATHER serves as an informant of daily discrimination issues and a platform where women can raise their voice against discrimination. It is a website where all stories can be told and all women can connect to each other. Women who suffer from prejudice can sign up and log in to our website so as to seek help and share her issues to the community. Then, we will also publish some inspirational stories on our website in order to raise awareness and provoke support and sympathy from the readers. Furthermore, HEATHER is also a platform that women can connect to feminist organizations so that altogether they will be empowered, confidently fight against discrimination and successfully protect their rights.

How we built it

First, we use html, css, react js to build our front-end part. There are also several phases in front-end and back-end, especially the react authentication part. Besides, we push the codes into firebase to manage the data more easily. We also need to collect information from various sources such as other blog websites, organizations. In the near future, we also want to make our website more user-friendly and personalized. We want to create a comfortable environment for our audience by adding some new features.

Challenges we ran into

Numerous problems arose during the process. The most significant one is to manage a massive number of blogs. It was a complicated process since we have to contain a lot of blogs on the website, each on a different page. We also try to create a user-friendly platform, which requires a neat and clear arrangement of contents. Furthermore, the research process was very time-consuming. In the midst of countless feminist organizations, we spent a lot of time to find the potential and prospective partners through a selective method. The shortage of time also placed a pressure on us because of the large workload, including content, research,design, and coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The deeper we immersed ourselves in implementing our ideas, the broader our knowledge became. Besides coding, design and research skills, which were anticipated to be acquired during the working process, we are most satisfied with our discovery of new aspects of the topic. For instance, our original plan was to create a website that informed gender discrimination statistics and advocated the necessity of gender equality. However, as we developed our ideas, we realized that there were many other possibilities. The product could also serve as a place of sharing and connection. Women came to our product not only to find information but also to share their stories, seek for sympathy and find help from feminist organizations. That was how we found a more valuable aspect of our seemingly ordinary product.

What we learned

During the process of examining social problems for the project, each of us gave out many personal opinions about gender equality, which helped us to gain more knowledge about society. Seeking the real stories occurring all over the world allowed us to broaden our minds about the community, be aware of the dark sides which women are facing, forcing us to work to create more value for society. To bring about the website, we had many different ideas, which led to difficulties in choosing one to work on; however, after overcoming those, we learned to listen to feedback, consider the possibility of a plan and realize our own mistakes.

What's next for HEATHER

HEATHER will continue to create the space for women from all over the world to share their stories and connect women from different nationalities. We will keep working on encouraging women to join the organizations and communities which protect women’s rights so that they can receive the chances to live and develop and the happiness that they deserve.

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