I am from Mexico and today (03/28/2020) Mexico has only 1% of covid-19 cases compared to the US. On a personal story: A couple from Mexico were living their normal life, three days ago the husband got some symptoms that could potentially be coronavirus symptoms. He went to the hospital and that is the last thing his wife knows about him. It has been 3 days already, she is not admitted into the hospital, and the hospital is so busy that they don't even answers calls. With that story on mind I decided to create a program that could help hospitals, patients and family members.

What it does

1.Checking on a patient's status via sms or voice call a family member can get a patient's info. Always keeping the information secure. The family member has to be on a list of allowed users and also has to provide a secure code. The user will ask for a patient info via the Twilio bot. They will need to provide the patients name, their name and the secure code.

2.Checking symptoms via sms and voice call the bot will give a recommendation based on the symptoms the user is having.

3.Get statistics via sms and voice call the user can get the daily and total cases in the us. Using APIs updated daily by the WHO.

How I built it

I used Python, APIs and the Twilio autobot

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging part was working by myself on this project. There were other challenging things like learning how the Twilio auto bot works and also how to implement some APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud that i was able to finish what I had in mind and also I had the time to incorporate two extra functionalities to my project.

This is a "copy" of the file i used, it has an extra column for the passwd value so you can use the data in there to try it.

Text or Call: +1 951 330 3704

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