Why every hardware solution need a unique designed sensor? Why only genius can config it for DIY. By economic of scale, focus on a unified flexible sensor, we can increase the quality and easy to promote to market.

What it does

It downloads analytic rules from the cloud and perform flexible pattern recognition locally. It is designed for general users, simply plug the LAN cable (or wifi) and power plug, and define the target object on the cloud and it will works.

The cloud configuration will be accessible via common browsers or mobile apps.

When rules are met, it does a customisable action, such as invoke all kind of web-services, or push-notification to mobile devices or send out emails, or collect continuous data for Big Data Analysis.

Some of the usage scenarios are :

  • Body temperature monitoring and contagious disease control in crowded areas, such as airport, schools, office buildings. Officers will be notified at once for any abnormal situations.
  • Food temperature monitoring and report to staffs mobile phones or directly to the POS machines
  • Passenger data analysis in shopping malls, which proof their business values
  • For facility management, e.g. daily usage rate of each toilets so that they can be cleaned more effectively
  • For security control
  • other personalised need can also be satisfied with simple DIY configurations

How I built it

By using C language for video capture, Golang for image processing, web-socket technology for data sync and event notification and with FLIR as the core. We build a web-platform for accepting users detection criteria, and the respective response next. The embedded linux download those criteria and start monitoring locally. When the FLIR Lepton sensor detects the pattern, it sends message back to cloud. The servers then forward the signal as defined, which can connect to any Database, Restful API, email or mobile push notifications.

Challenges I ran into

This innovative idea involves multi tiers and we have limited time to develop both client and server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Be a pioneer to integrate and be the bridge of FLIR technology.

What I learned

Be creative and always ask if we ourselves can bring improvement to our current science and technology.

What's next for HeatCV

We are going to bundle lepton and embedded linux for mass production. We are looking forward for both crowd funding (pre-order) and angel funds to accomplish it.

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