Inspiration The FLIR One is currently mainly used as a hardware tool and as a tech Gadget. We started with asking the question. How can the FLIR One become the favourite piece of hardware of the whole family. For the PRESENTATION, please click the slidebean link below'

What it does Mr Owl's Safari is a fun and exciting app, which invites the whole family to go on a walk of the wildlife. You can find a suitable route, walk it, discover, photograph and learn more about the animals you encounter. Cross reference these animals with a database of heat images. It has a social plugin and a leader board

How we built it

Challenges we ran into Mainly a pressing deadline and not having direct access to a FLir One device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of International teamwork, and a complementary skill set

What we learned We have learned that there are lots of opportunities for FLIR to reach out to new demographics.

What's next for Heat seek Safari We will polish our project, and publish it as soon as possible

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