All Agents Respond!

Help Agent Brody survive the heat! Permission granted for some slicing, dicing & spying. Good Luck!


This weekend we decided to make a stealth-action shooter. Something we've wanted to make ever since we started playing Hitman when we were kids.

What it does


Heat is a TPS stealth-action game with FPS support where player creates new paths using the destructible environment.


Player uses a suppressed rifle to fracture the environment around him and take out all the enemies in the level.

Target Platforms

Widows, Linux


AI characters can see the player and respond to cries of help from fellow companions but cannot hear the destruction of the environment caused by player's gun (to make gameplay more fun.)

Fair play system

Since players can destroy without alerting enemies, it would be unfair to give the weapons a large range. The range has been reduced and the enemie's response time has been decreased.

Level Design

Each room provides the player with various paths to approach it. Cover has bee placed in strategic locations but isn't placed such that the player can complete the entire level from a single vantage point.

How we built it

I used UE for making the game.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the destructible environment was very difficult because of the complex physics involved and most of this hackathon involved me trying to keep the environment from launching the player into the stratosphere!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up the destructible environment was very tricky as we new to it but we did it somehow and in the end we were able to make a decent game.

What's next for Heat

We plan to add few more assets and levels into the game thereby providing Agent Brody more objects to explode and places to infiltrate!

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