The idea of giving people the ability to change behavior based on data to become more comfortable or more product if not both!

What it does

It will give you the data from sensors around the space to show you different temperature zones, wheres busy wheres quiet, wheres light levels differ and so on.

How I built it

We used bootstrap CSS and HTML to create a web front end for users to log into and see their data and that of the space. We kept the interface simple, avoiding clutter to keep build time down and focus on the idea and what it could bring to the user.

Challenges I ran into

Having not created heat maps before we ran into large delays due to getting bogged down trying to learn how. We also used more time than we would off liked to discussing and coming up with ideas before we got to the building stage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Re-teaching ourselves some maths... Using web frontends (neither of us has done web dev in a while), the effort we put into trying to get the heat map working from the data sets provided.

What I learned

We learned some bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. We also learned about co-working spaces and how they can be used to aid creativity and productivity through collaboration.

What's next for Heat

Develop out the roaming profile, adding in user identification, interaction profiles, and develop some heat maps from the actual data. A key part to Heat would be getting personal tracking data within buildings, allowing users to see if they're being efficient in where they locate themselves. From here Heat would get AI built in to allow the service to suggest areas where the user could be more productive or comfortable. This could tie into smart cities with users being suggested different workplaces not just different areas of one. From there we could develop further integration such as bike to work schemes earning discounts at the coffee bar. The development of "help me procrastinate" button pinging all opted in members asking to be taught something off topic in 5 minutes. The integration of a help someone service, showing your skills and what you can help other with!

Built With

  • javascript-html5-css3-bootstrap
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